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FAREWELL Michaela McAreavey..

The body of Michaela McAreavey is expected to arrive in Northern Ireland from Mauritius where she would be buried,Jan.2011.

Mrs McAreavey, 27, daughter of Tyrone Gaelic football boss Mickey Harte, was found murdered in her honeymoon hotel room on Monday.

It is understood her family hope to hold her funeral next Monday - in the same County Tyrone church where she married on 30 December.

Michaela McAreavey

Three men have been charged in connection with the murder.

A lawyer for Raj Theekoy, who is accused of conspiracy to murder, said his client had spoken to police and implicated the other two.

The two men accused of murder are 29-year-old Avinash Treebhoowoon and 41-year-old Sandip Moneea.

All three men have been remanded in police custody for a week and will return to court next Wednesday, when they are expected either to be formally charged or released.

John and wife Michaela on their wedding day at St Malachey's Church Ballymacilrory on December 30, 2010.

'She is my life'

On Wednesday evening, a police chief in Mauritius told the Press Association that skin tissue found under the fingernails of Mrs McAreavey could prove crucial to the police case against the three men charged over her killing.

Mrs McAreavey's husband, John, has described her as "his rock".

John and Michaela McAreavey on their honeymoon.The picture, taken by a passer-by, shows the newly-weds very much in love before their life together was tragically ended in a hotel suite on the paradise island of Mauritius.

He said their hopes, dreams and future were gone and he had been left heartbroken and totally devastated.

"I love my wife, very, very much and my world revolved around her.

"I can't describe in words how lost I feel as Michaela is not just the light of my life - she is my life," Mr McAreavey said.

Her journey home began as police investigating the tragedy revealed fresh details from the confessions of two of the three suspects, and carried out a minute reconstruction.
According to room attendant Avinash Treebhoowoon's confession, he regularly spotted a purse filled with notes in the honeymoon suite - and eventually the temptation to steal became too great.

Sandip Moneea, 41, Raj Theekoy, 33, and Avinash Treebhoowoon, 29, have been charged over the killing

His barrister, Ravi Rutnah, told the Irish Independent that he had 'confessed that he was part of an incident, which turned out to be fatal. He didn't anticipate the development in which a woman would lose her life.'
He said Treebhoowoon had apologised to Michaela’s family.

Eventually, the 29-year-old told hotel floor manager Sandip Moreea about the purse filled with cash.

Together they planned to steal the money when Michaela and John were out of the room.
On Monday, as the couple enjoyed lunch by the hotel pool, the two slipped into Room 1025.
But, interrupted by Michaela in her quest for a biscuit, Treebhoowoon rushed to her and pushed her from behind... so hard that she fell to the ground and hit her head.

Police escort Avinash Treebhoowoon, who is suspected of murder, during a re-construction of the murder scene at the Legends Hotel, in Grande Gaube, Mauritius

But the strong-willed 27-year-old was quickly back on her feet and she began to scream.
According to the confession from Treebhoowoon, released by the police, it was Moreea who reacted first.
It says he grabbed her from behind and placed one hand over her mouth to muffle her cries and put his other arm around her neck to try and keep her still.
According to the evidence, she suffered compressions to the neck during the struggle and lost consciousness.

The two men lifted Michaela, who was dressed in a bikini, and put her in the bath, turning on the tap in a desperate bid to make her death look like an accident.
Meanwhile, while Michaela had been fighting for her life, 33-year-old Raj Theekay, who also worked as a room attendant, had heard her screams coming from behind the closed door of room 1025.

Police accompany Raj Theekay, who is accused of murder, during a re-construction of the murder scene at the Legends Hotel

He became even more alarmed when he noticed a cleaning trolley outside the room. It is strict hotel policy that doors must always be kept opened when rooms are being cleaned.
After one of his colleagues emerged in an ‘unusual state’ and sweating, Teekay asked him what was going on, and he was told: ‘Nothing.’

Michaela's lifeless body was later discovered by her husband, who had become concerned at the length of time it was taking her to return.Mrs McAreavey had been married for two weeks when she was found dead in her hotel room. The 27-year-old Irish language teacher, whose father is the manager of the Tyrone Gaelic football team, cried as she was strangled, police disclosed.

Mr McAreavey found his wife’s body 45 minutes after she had left him in the hotel restaurant to go to their room to fetch biscuits for her tea.

Theekay, who has also made a full confession to police, has been charged with conspiracy to murder for not attempting to help Michaela and for failing to tell police what had happened.
Investigation officers have put Theekay’s and Treebhoowoon’s confessions to Moreea and hope to secure a confession in the coming days.

Accompanied by a police outrider, the coffin of Michaela McAreavey is carried in a hearse

As part of their investigations shortly before 6pm yesterday, Abinash Treebhoowoon and Raj Theekay were driven through the palatial wooden gates of Legends resort and taken, one by one, into Room 1025, the scene of the crime.
The third suspect, Sandip Moreea, has not confessed to any part in the murder and was not present.

The funeral mass is expected to take place at St Malachy's in Ballymacilroy near the Harte family

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