Saturday, July 30, 2011


Traditionally, economists, business experts, investors and entrepreneurs believe so much that the strength of a market in terms of volume, determines the siting of a business outfit or structure in a locality or environment, base on the principle of proximity or closeness to the market going by the forces of demand and supply.
Tata Nano,the least expensive car in the world at about US $2000.

But recent events in the world continue to point otherwise. An entrepreneur or investor thinks more about the security of its investment more than anything else. No one will decide to site an industry in Somalia, even if its market numerical strength is bigger than the entire European nations put together.

The 1st generation Tata Indica V2's excellent fuel economy, powerful engine and aggressive marketing strategy made it one of the best selling cars in the history of the Indian automobile industry

Then it should not be a big surprise to any that Tata, Indian largest auto maker, synonymous with the manufacturing of space conscious and economical autos, has decided to set up its assembly plant in South Africa as we speak, instead of Nigeria that offers a more robust market strength but dilapidated infrastructure,endemic corruption,corrupt practices in administrative setup and spate of civil unrest that are now tending toward what could be described as outright wide spread act of terrorism.

The Tata Safari DiCOR,one of Tata's best selling autos in India,the Mediterranean and Eastern Europe.

Therefore, for Nigeria to attract foreign interest and investment and maintain the existing ones from being totally lost to Ghana, we must urgently do enough and not merely pay lips service to issues like power generation: address the state of dilapidation of our infrastructures, while stimulating a social system by which we can adequately address and tackle headlong issues that can check every civil unrest in the country, that have been bedeviling the nation, hitherto from being henceforth any longer.

With all the rots going on, and without any conscious effort to check the drift into abyss, there is no doubt that the nation would merely continue to live on a borrowed time.

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