Friday, January 13, 2012


As the strike actions embarked upon by Nigerians, instigated by the Government's arbitrary and sudden removal of subsidy from PMS on January 1st,2012 with a concomitant hike in price from 65 Naira per liter,enters its 5th non-stop feverish hype.News of shady and under dealing have started emerging from different angles.

One of such has it that Haruna Momoh the MD of PPMC and Deziani Allison Madueke Minister for Petroleum has been demanding and pocketing N50 per litre of Kero and petrol produced by local Refineries since Jan 2011 till date.

The reason they gave to marketers is that it was marketers contribution to Jonathan's election, but it has continued even after the elections. suggestions are being proposed that the government should probe Nezor SA and Tridax SA two companies that are allegedly owned by the Petroleum Minister and run by her junior brother.

This two companies in the last 16 month of her tenure has from nowhere become one of the few companies lifting crude oil and one of the largest beneficiary of the subsidy.

The Marketers want Nigeria to probe the new list of briefcase companies now lifting crude oil because they paid minimum of $1 million to Momoh and Deziani.

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